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Technical Training


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Training Method at Michigan Fire Juniors


Our club will continue in our tradition of placing energy and attention on the technical development of our players. The Coerver Method, Vogelsingers Soccerobics, iSoccer skills, and a host of other skills methods are all basically the same training. There is not a revolutionary way of coaching skills to players. However, there are some coaches who do a better job than others with technical skills training.


The Chicago Fire has compiled a skills training program that will be a central focus for our club. As we know, the foundation of every players game begins with their technical skills set. We, the MFJ's, are deeply committed to the technical development of our players, and we will provide a deep emphasis on technical development beginning at the youngest ages of six years old.  As players enter a more serious level of development around 9-10, we will ramp up technical training. This is where Dan McAllister’s position comes in as Technical Director. These players will be offered additional days of training, focused on technical work in addition to the two days/week of team training. 
As a college coach with 13 years of experience, Dan knows how deficient many players are in their technical skills, and his focus as a youth coach will be to model the European/South American youth development programs that focus heavily on technical development ahead of winning.


In turn, parents need to realize that soccer "tricks" are typically NOT useful soccer skills. They are more about entertainment of the game rather than a means to gain an advantage in the game. Ball Mastery or Technical Precision is the foundation for being the best player/team.


Laura Heyboer, who plays on our U.S. Women’s U23 National team, and is a FC Joga Bonito staff coach, talks a lot about the work they do at the U.S. National Camp on Technical Precision. This is what we will focus on with all our players and not just the younger ones. We have a much work to do with many of our older players too. Technical Precision is necessary as the game must be played faster and faster under increasing pressure from faster, smarter and better players.


If you have specific questions regarding our technical program, please contact Dan McAllister.







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