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2014-2015 TRYOUTS


Michigan Fire Tryout Info 2014-2015




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*Michigan FIre Juniors will attempt to create as many teams as possible per age group so we limit the number of kids who are not eligble to play on a Select team. It is our hope to accomodate as many players as possilbe with great training and the opportunity to participate in game situations. 


** MRL, Premier & Director's Acacdemy Tryout Notes: Take a copy of birth certificate along with a $250.00 deposit towards club fees the day of tryouts. Premier and Director's Academy teams are selected the day of tryouts. Players selected to their respective teams will need these items to secure a place on their team. 







Girls U18 MRL

 Wednesday, June 18 from 5:00- 7:00pm

 Location - 28th Avenue Fields










Boys Select Tryouts -- Monday, June 16

Location - 28th Avenue Fields

5:00 - 7:00 pm - U8-U13

7:00 - 9:00pm - U14-U18


Girls Select Tryouts -- Tuesday, June 17

Location - 28th Avenue Fields

5:00 - 7:00 pm - U8-U13

7:00 - 9:00 pm - U14-U18


Click here to register for tryouts!




Age groups for 2014/2015 (Ages are as of August 1, 2014)


Age Group Born On Through
Under 19 (U19) 8-1-1995 7-31-1997
U18 8-1-1996 7-31-1997
U17 8-1-1997 7-31-1998
U16 8-1-1998 7-31-1999
U15 8-1-1999 7-31-2000
U14 8-1-2000 7-31-2001
U13 8-1-2001 7-31-2002
U12 8-1-2002 7-31-2003
U11 8-1-2003 7-31-2004
U10 8-1-2004 7-31-2005
U09 8-1-2005 7-31-2006
U07/U08 8-1-2006 7-31-2008


No player born after July 31, 2008 may play in GVSA during the 2014/2015season. There are no exceptions.  GVSA does not have U7 Divisions, but U7 players may play on U8 teams, but not U9 or older teams.

Players may not play down in a younger age group.
Girls may play on a Boys team, if the club is willing to allow it.
Players through U14, except U7s, may play up two age groups, at their club's discretion.



NOTE:  Players are NOT allowed to tryout for an older age group without first receiving permission from a Fire coach or one of our Directors of Coaching (DOC's).  We cannot guarantee a player will be considered for a team if they tryout in an older age group without permission.


The tryouts are always in the middle of June. So please plan your vacations accordingly. Sometimes additional tryouts will be held around November for boys teams U15 and above since they are playing for their schools in the fall. 


The goal of a tryout is not to eliminate players. Rather our goal is to place players of like ability and commitment level together on the same team and to form as many teams as our resources allow.  All players trying out for a Michigan Fire Juniors team have an equal chance of making a team. Being on a team during the previous season does not mean the player will be on the same team the following season.


Preparing for Tryouts

Here are important points to remember:

· Bring your own water.

· Bring your own ball.

· Wear Shin Guards.

· Communicate during play.

· Let your coaches know if you are a goalie.

· Pay attention to the coach - not your friends.




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